Dress Code

Members and visitors in breach of this dress code may be asked to leave the club premises. Employees of the club have the authority of the committee to refuse to provide a service to any member or visitor failing to maintain the following standards.

Your co-operation and understanding to avoid offence or embarrassment would be appreciated.   Please click HERE for a summary of dress code rules.

Course & Practice Area

When wearing shorts, appropriate sports socks must be worn and these may be long or short.  They must be neither soccer nor rugby type socks and must be of smart appearance.

Ladies are not permitted to wear sun tops, but may wear sleeveless tops with a collar or high neck or collarless tops with sleeves.

Men’s shirts must be worn tucked into trousers or shorts.  Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless specifically designed to be so worn e.g. plus 2’s or plus 4’s.

Denim jeans and other items of denim clothing is not permitted at any time. 

Golf shoes must be worn on the course (with the exception of under 12 year olds) following the appropriate rules on hard/soft spikes.


Dress shall be neat and tidy and befitting the occasion.

The wearing of trainers (except if 12 years of age or less).

Track-suits and team shirts with numbers or non-golfing logos are not permitted.

Golf shoes within the clubhouse must not be worn outside the locker room area. Shoes or sandals must be worn elsewhere in the clubhouse.

All men’s shirts must have sleeves.  Collars may be substituted by polo, turtle or roll neck tops.

Men’s trousers must be tailored and be of ankle length with the exception of plus 2’s and plus 4’s.  Men and Women may wear tailored knee length shorts with a fly.  Patch pockets are not permitted on either trousers or shorts.

Hats or caps must not be worn on the 1st floor.

Men should wear jackets and ties for club presentation nights and general meetings.